Managing macOS systems


Dates : To be confirmed with you
Duration : 16 – 32 hours (2-4 consecutive days, tbc)
Cost : 800 $ – 1600 $/person + taxes
Where : One of your labs
Infos : Contact  or
Enrolment :  __ participants enrolled,  __ places remaining.

Description (outdated content, please contact trainers for infos)

(This is NOT an Apple Certified class content)

Two to four days (16-32 hours) of presentations and hands-on time on macOS  clients, installing and managing services with, including Profile Manager and other pertinent tools used in managing lab environments.  Open discussions and work time allowed for features, personal projects and questions, consultation time at end of day.  Training delivered in one of your organisation’s labs where we can reformat the Macs at will.  Lunches of ~30 minutes with occasional breaks.  Documentation supplied by trainers but manuals relating to Apple certification have to be bought separately (Support 80$Server 60$).

Presence of the two trainers is planned, but may not be 100% of the time.

You are…

System administrators, technical resources and support staff, or advanced users that want to learn and use approved workflows and management tools to deploy and support OS X.  Prerequisite : a few months worth of supporting a production environment or OS X labs, any version.

DAY 1osx

– macOS – the current client version

– Update on new features, tips, tools

– Overview of macOS’s built-in security features

DAY 2server


  • Installation, network environnement, services configuration
  • DNS, Cache service (apps, books, updates)
  • ProfileManager for managing Macs and mobiles
  • Web, Wiki and Blog services
  • File sharing, Time Machine, NetInstall basics
  • Personal projects, questions, hands-on 


– DeployStudio :

  • Setup, configuration, image creation
  • Develop personalized execution workflows
  • Add scripts, packages, build Mac identity database
  • Domain binding, etc.

– Personal projects, questions, hands-on


– Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)

  • Tips, tricks, lists, commands
  • Advanced options, or hidden ones

– PackageMaker

  • Overview of a utility to build your own install package
  • Alternativespkgmaker

– Terminal and command line

  • Recap of Unix basics, 10 most used commands
  • Customize your shell, aliases, shortcuts, nano editor
  • locate, grep, redirections, pipes, create an executable script
  • TextWrangler, 5 tips

– Automatorauto

  • Overview of the work environment
  • 3 useful applications
  • Create 2 services and 2 applications

– Personal projects, questions, hands-on

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