macOS and iOS Training

I have been providing hands-on OS X technical classes since 1999 on critical and essential knowledge to support and troubleshoot Apple’s popular macOS system based on UNIX, client and server.  Certified classes (if that format is desired) are delivered in Apple Authorized Training Centers (AATCs) in major cities, or onsite.

While the whole site is in french, my whole life has been bilingual and will communicate easily in both languages.  Someone used the term « frenglish » once, but I assure you we will have quality fun in class together.  🙂

Working on Apple products since 1987, tech support for 10 years in 25 schools East of Montréal and Apple Certified Trainer since 2005, I keep knowledge, skills and certifications up to date to provide my « students » the best possible training experience — that’s my priority.  I am not hired to sell you products or ideas but to help you boost your knowledge on macOS, how it thinks and works, where are the tools and what procedures to use so you can provide better end-user support on that platform.

Wether you’re of the technical type, the analyst, sales rep, admin staff, creative or teacher, we will work together during these memorable workshops to augment your office productivity, or to learn most of macOS and iOS troubleshooting techniques and system maintenance.  An update to your knowledge and skills for these systems will surprise you.  Big time.  In fact… have you ever had any training on these systems?  Or just Googled your way through, piece… by… piece.. ?

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Apple Certified Trainer
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional