Remote Helpdesk

Wether you’re in Laval, Ottawa or Regina, I can certainly help you fix most of the issues on your Mac(s) that delay your project.  I know Mac inside out (mobiles too), learned its history, its way of thinking and operating, and I’ve enjoyed working in its system for almost 30 years now!  This is not a hobby.

Pretty good listening and understanding of macOS (OS X) related issues, I take notes and will try to resolve your problem via a telephone call and will use solid screen sharing apps to remotely monitor your computer; this way we’ll reduce the wait and of course travel time and expenses.  It’s always a happy moment to fix that problem on your computer.  I’ve been doing this for years and my repair stats say close to 85% of closed cases.

New – remote help on iOS 9 and 10!  Since iOS 8, it is now possible to share your Apple mobile screen remotely, meaning that I (the troubleshooter) can see your iPad/iPhone screen if certain conditions are met.  You’ll need a recent Apple device, a Mac with macOS up-to-date, and a Lightning-USB (charging) cable.

“Yup, I need help”

  1. First, email me
  2. I’ll get back to you quickly with my coordinates and instructions to securely share screens..
  3. We can start the troubleshooting session..

15 minute slices

Services Users Organisation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support
  • System maintenance
  • Consultant
  • Research
  • email exchanges
60 $/hour 80 $/hour
  • Training, 1-5 people
60 $/hour 100 $/hour


Users can pay their invoice through an INTERAC transfer to my mobile phone number, or right here using the PayPal button AFTER having received the service; this is a secured SSL web transaction.

Organisations that don’t or can’t pay with a credit card can ask for a detailled running bill showing date/time/task events.  Purchase Order required before hand.


Durée du service

TPS et TVQ seront ajoutées

Remote Helpdesk, it’s more than installing, checking a box here or repairing permissions.  So many times, spontaneous ad hoc training sessions were delivered with screen sharing and 2-3 “students” at the other end.  Countless tips and tricks were shared with Ohhhhs and Ahhhhs! and “We can really do this?” from users that confirm they really highly appreciate this friendly and ultra personalized service.


Mario BlaisCert_Trainer_Blk_1ln
Apple Certified Trainer
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional