INIS – iOS Support for Mobiles


DatesSee my public calendar for open classes or trainer availability
Length1 day
Cost450 $/person including muffins and lunch onsite
WhereModern computer lab at INIS (métro Berri-UQAM)
The cost presumes this activity will be delivered in a modern computer lab at INIS and a minimum of 6 people have enrolled.

You are…

  • Tech support specialist,
  • Teacher, resource personnel,
  • Manager, director


(This is not an Apple authorized training)  You need to provide software technical support to your iOS mobile users.  This very practical workshop will give you knowledge and good practices for offering a quality software support to your iPhones, iPads and their users.  The goals of this 1-day training :

  1. Revise the iOS interface and hardware usage,
  2. Practice troubleshooting and issue resolves on mobiles,
  3. Manage an Apple ID, AppStore, apps, network connections, more…


  • Already be comfortable with mobile tech,
  • Have experience in computer support.

Day’s contents

  • iOS – usage

    • Pad terminology (ports, hardware, buttons, holes)
    • Manage settings and customizations
    • Multilingual keyboards, accents, shortcuts, tips
    • Use and manage text and images (select, copy, paste, dictionnaries)
    • Safari – navigation tips
    • Sharing files (iTunes, AirDrop, email, cloud…)
    • AppStore, searching, get and install apps
    • Presenting your iPad on a TV/projector, wirelessly via AppleTV and AirPlay, or with an HDMI cable
    • Install/remove a configuration profile (MDM)
  • Supporting iOS

    • Get and apply Apple’s iOS updates
    • Sync, backup and restore your mobile via iTunes or iCloud
    • 5 first techniques to try and resolve a software issue
    • Apple ID management, reset password, forgotten…
    • ± recent hardware vs. iOS feature limitations
    • Possible resets available
    • Settings and battery life
    • iOS security, quick look

Please note this is not a course on hardware repairs and fixing, also not a lecture on mass deployment and management techniques (MDM).

The day goes like this

  • 8:30 to 16:30;
  • You must supply a recent Apple mobile for each student;
  • Concepts and demos in front, practice immediately, Q&A
  • Personalized interventions.

Hardware and other equipment needs for each student :

  • A recent iCloud or iTunes backup (on student’s computer at home or work) has been performed – – WE ERASE THE DEVICES HERE;
  • For quicker operations in class, it is preferable that the mobile has basic iOS contents and a few apps, not fully-loaded with 64 GB of files!!
  • email will already be configures on the mobiles;
  • An Apple ID and password is necessary for each participant, credit card or not, they must know this information;
  • If a passcode is enabled, they must know it.


Many web references will be provided to students with important troubleshooting resources and tutorials to follow-up.


You can enroll, or hire me, via email at the top of this page.

Emploi Québec certificates are delivered to all participants.

Fun and creativity assured.

Mario BlaisCert_Trainer_Blk_1ln
Apple Certified Trainer
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional