Manage iOS mobiles

Dates : To be confirmed with you
Duration : two (2) consecutive days
Cost : 800 $/person + taxes, minimum 3
Where : In your organisation
Infos : Contact


The delivery truck just backed up in the warehouse, and two palets of iPads and Macs are now on the floor… ready to be configured, installed with apps, settings, profiles.  This is a course that will please IT services that need to prepare and deliver all this hardware to its users.  Listed contents below has been proven in past workshops and you can modify the order or importance in which they are presented.

This is NOT an Apple certified course, but a list of knowledges that directly impact support, deployment and management of Apple mobiles.


Participants must have a basic support knowledge on macOS and practical experience using Apple mobiles, any model.

2-day contents and Profile Manager

  • Get and install
  • Secure communications and certificates necessity
  • Activate Caching service
  • Enable and configure Open Directory
  • Enable Profile Manager and profile signatures
  • Configure a Trust Profile
  • Automate device enrolment
  • Manage OS X and iOS “payloads”

VPP and DEP programs

  • Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • Device Enrolment Program (DEP)
  • Gestion des jetons
  • Procédures d’inscription

Configurator :

  • Configure shared devices
  • Deploying devices
  • Supervision mode (complete control)
  • Assign a device to a user


  • During the workshop, it will be possible to explore the VPP and DEP programs offered by Apple, configure your own OS X Server with the most useful services for deployment, and do a complete Apple Configurator cycle of deployment
  • Very dynamic workshop open to discussions and case studies
  • Flexible schedule if delivered in your organisation.  Default is 9:00@17:00
  • Une collation est fournie.

Hardware used

One Mac and one iPad per participant.


PDF documents and web references.


Inquiries and enrolment via email (link in signature below).  My number will be included in our communications.


Danny-Pierre Villeneuve
Cert_Trainer_Blk_1lnApple Certified Trainer
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional

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