iPad at Seniors University

Participants :  maximum 15

Who can enroll

  • You must already be enrolled at UTA of Université de Sherbrooke
  • OR group within an organization needing to boost knowledge and productivity on Apple mobiles


These classes are delivered as a participating workshops.  You will discover and USE many of your mobile’s features, including the Home screen, customization, Control Center, important Settings, the multitude of available keyboards, email, contacts, managing Safari and app downloads, and the essential self-help procedures.  I often ask students to show their favorite app or game so others can learn about their passions!

Depending on the course, we’ll visit pertinent websites and download popular apps for creativity, phys ed, finances, advanced phone features, sharing files and much much more.  The workshops are made up of small presentations/demonstrations, much live practice and Q&A periods to prepare you for the next 10 years of computing.


  • You want to learn a different digital tool to work and communicate
  • You already know how to navigate the Internet with a browser (Mac, PC or mobile)
  • You can tap, slide, point and pinch with your fingers   🙂

UTA315 – iPad introduction

  • iPad terminology (ports, hardware connections, buttons)
  • Manage Settings and prefs
  • Multilingual keyboards, accents, tips & tricks
  • Use text and images, copy, paste, dictionnary
  • Take photos and videos
  • Use Maps, how to get “there”
  • Print to paper
  • Navigate with Safari, manage bookmarks and folders, super tips
  • Getting on the App Store, search, get and install
  • Share files different ways
  • Showing your iPad wirelessly with AppleTV, or with HDMI cable
  • Get help

UTA311 – iPad intermediary

  • Pre-requisite to be comfortable with UTA315 contents (french quiz here)
  • Advanced use of the built-in cameras
  • Photo editing, sorting, albums, slideshows
  • Access YouTube videos and international radios
  • Connect to Bluetooth peripherals
  • PhysEd coaches, mental health activities
  • Financial transactions
  • Draw, sketch and paint on iPad (look!  Clean hands)
  • Music creation and learning an instrument

UTA644 – iPhone introduction

  • iPhone terminology (ports, hardware connections, buttons)
  • Manage Settings and prefs
  • Multilingual keyboards, accents, tips & tricks
  • Advanced use of telephone features
  • Manage your Contacts for efficiency
  • App Store and iCloud
  • Use the built-in cameras, more than taking pictures
  • Wifi and cellular networks, Airplane mode
  • Traveling with the iPhone
  • List management
  • Showing your iPhone wirelessly with AppleTV, or with HDMI cable


  • for UTA :  2,5 hour sessions, a.m. or p.m.
  • for other organisations :  a full 8-hour day
  • Bring your own Apple mobile 2013+, iOS 9 or 10 up to date
  • Concepts and demos in front, practice immediately, Q&As
  • Personalized interventions, answers to your questions.

Before coming to the first class, you have to :

  • Know your Apple ID and associated password to access the App Store.  A credit card linked to this Apple ID is not mandatory.
  • Have your email account configured and usable.  Get help from family or service provider if problematic.


A Quick Reference Guide will be handed to students, along with course outline and “homework” assignments.  A web page is also maintained up to date to provide help with all the subjects discussed and practiced in class.

Mario BlaisCert_Trainer_Blk_1ln
Apple Certified Trainer
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional