Do you know your Mac?

I “use” the Mac

15 general usage questions

7 minutes

I “support” Macs

15 technical questions

7 minutes

prod tech



Warning – the questionnaires linked above are in french.  For a great english practice, I strongly suggest getting the iPhone app “Revise IT” made by AMSYS.  Free.  App Store link here.

As consultant and Apple Trainer, I have to “prove” my newly acquired knowledges by passing a certification test.  I’m darn sure other people on this planet like to evaluate themselves on their general or technical skills about this computer they work on more than 8 hours a day.  So, just for the fun of it and totally free, I propose to you TWO (french) quizzes to learn, test and validate YOUR knowledge of Mac :

  • one for the regular users/professionals using Macs, andCert-small
  • one for  technical support staff on this plateform;
  • each quiz is limited to 7 minutes;
  • each visit or reload of the page will generate a new random bunch of questions;
  • a personalized certificate (french) will be generated automatically for a score of 85% +
  • requires your email address (0 callback, spam or harassement) needed to send you results and certificate if…

You may be surprised by the results obtained here.  And, i must admin, I would too if I were to take one on the Windows OS lately.

Measure yourself with colleagues, friends, Facebook fanclub.  Do you really know your Mac?

Good luck.