Introduction to macOS, current version

DatesSee my public calendar for open classes or trainer availability
Length1 day
Cost250 $/person
WhereOnsite, or lab rental at INIS (métro Berri-UQAM)
The cost presumes this activity will be delivered in your organisation with your hardware/network and a minimum of 3 people participate.

macOS is Apple’s robust Unix-based operating system that boots all Macs delivered since 2000.  It used to be that Mac users were their own non-official support helpdesk but with all of the technological advances and complexity behind this elegant OS, some demystifying is due.

Some concepts have gone, others were replaced but the functional interface remains quite the same as back in 2000.  What happened with your old software and how to I get new ones installed, how do I share folders with my colleagues?  How do I secure my Mac to lessen intrusion and maintenance?  How does it integrate with my company’s network and services?  We try to clear all of this and more.


Not too technical, but this day demands you do have basic computer knowledge (any color) like :

  • clicking, double-clicking, drag and drop
  • handle icons and popup menus
  • create, save and open documents

Day’s contents

  • Quick review of macOS’s Unix origins
  • Learn to customize your global computer and personal settings
  • Install applications
  • Handle multiple windows, recognizing the buttons and their use
  • Identify important macOS folders and their structure
  • Manage many apps simultaneously using Exposé, Spaces, trackpad gestures…
  • Share files locally in different ways
  • Use Terminal to execute commands in a “console”
  • Create and manage more users on the same computer
  • Review of 5 troubleshooting techniques for self-help
  • Finding help

The day goes like this

  • 9 to 4:30, or a schedule that will suit your staff
  • One computer per person strongly recommended
  • Concepts shown in front, Q/A anytime, participants encouraged to practice all day, discover, make errors, try things out and question issues
  • Workshop where you must participate, move at your own pace
  • I will personalize interventions and answer all questions, if possible.

Hardware used

Your organisation must supply the Macs, the room and the network, or I can rent a nicely equipped lab at Berri-UQAM metro downtown Montréal for an added fee.


Many web references will be provided to students with important troubleshooting resources and tutorials to follow-up.


You can enroll, or hire me, via email at the top of this page.

Emploi Québec certificates are handed to every participant.

Fun and creativity assured.


Mario BlaisCert_Trainer_Blk_1ln
Apple Certified Trainer
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional