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macOS tech training workshops for support staff, or for teams that need a serious boost in office productivity while getting answers.

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Workshop TitleDescriptionHrs
macOS technical supportMac, for tech support staff that need to know macOS system stuff, boot sequence, firmware locking, apps, command line, security features... for providing better support to users. (site Moodle en français)14
Introduction to macOS productivitymacOS and Mac, the essentials users need to know if moving from Windows, and want a smooth working relationship with their Mac for the next 10 years8
Terminal & command lineMac, using the Unix command line to do basic computer management, reporting, troubleshooting, and writing your first executable script8
Keynote 8 - essentialsMaster your presentation tool on Mac, use it on iOS mobiles, present with iPhone/iPad (advanced Keynote workshop also available)3.5
Keynote 8 - creating app prototypesUsing Keynote 8 on Mac to create YOUR interactive app prototypes, auto-run demos, click-through simulations & examples, or website layouts... without a single line of code4
Do you know your Mac?Quiz - Test your knowledge on Mac, as a user or tech support person, 15 random questions from a bank of 50, free and revealing (french only)n/a
Managing iOS mobilesProfile Manager, VPP, DEP, signed payloads, automate mobile enrolment, token management, Configurator in class and Supervision mode ... for techs, managers, analysts.16
Remote helpdeskRemote helpdesk service to Mac or iOS mobile users/organisations having issues. I'll use the phone, screen sharing, SMS and email to help fix those productivity and technical bottlenecks.n/a
Project coachingThe right person, the right time, the right place. You have chosen the perfect addition to your well-panned project using new Mac and iOS mobiles in your organisation. Tech, managers, analysts.n/a

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Apple Certified Trainer
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional